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Teagle Bale Processor Tomahawk 4040 5050 5050XL Bale Feeder

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Teagle Bale Processor Tomahawk 4040 5050 5050XL Bale Feeder

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Efficiently chop and feed silage bales into ring feeders or alongside barriers, optimising silage intake while minimising waste. The Teagle Bale Processor Tomahawk 4040 5050 5050XL Bale Feeder Drum models, known for their economic, simple, and robust design, operate without gearboxes, featuring a direct drive from the tractor to the rotor with hydraulic motor rotation. This streamlined design ensures longevity and a prolonged service life for the Tomahawk, emphasizing simplicity and strength.

Comfortable livestock contribute to increased productivity, and the Tomahawk provides an even and absorbent straw bed, enhancing animal well-being. By using the Tomahawk to lightly shred baled silage, consumption is heightened, and wastage is reduced, creating more palatable and easily consumed silage.

Operationally versatile, the Tomahawk offers the flexibility to blow straw up to 35′ and discharge to one or both sides of the tractor. Different delivery chute options are available to meet specific requirements. The Tomahawk 4040, 5050, and 5050XLM Bale Processor models utilize blades to chop dry or wet material, allowing for adjustable chop lengths depending on material moisture. The drum rotation speed easily controls the output, ensuring efficient and tailored performance.

Configurations include the Tomahawk 4040 for 1.2m (4′) diameter bales, the Tomahawk 5050 for 1.5m (5′) diameter bales, and the Tomahawk 5050XL, suitable for both 1.5m (5′) diameter bales and full-size Hesston bales. Choose the Tomahawk series for a reliable, versatile, and efficient solution for your bale processing needs.

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Teagle Bale Processor Tomahawk 4040 5050 5050XL Bale Feeder

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