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Tanco Round Bale Wrappers E Series Autowrap

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Tanco Round Bale Wrappers E Series Autowrap

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Tanco Round Bale Wrappers A Series Autowrap – E100 SA

The E100 SA embodies the trusted Tanco design and quality components, providing peace of mind for small to medium-sized operators. With the assurance of reliable performance year after year, this wrapper features a cable-operated system. Utilizing three individual levers, it seamlessly controls all wrapper functions. The semi-automatic ‘One-Touch’ system enhances operator comfort by holding the wrapping function lever in place, allowing the operator to release it until the wrapping cycle is complete. Experience efficiency and ease with the E100 SA.

Reliable Performance, Peace of Mind

The E100 SA ensures peace of mind for small to medium-sized operators by incorporating the trusted design and high-quality components characteristic of Tanco products. With a commitment to consistent performance, operators can rely on the E100 SA to deliver reliable results year after year. Embrace the assurance of durability and functionality with the E100 SA for a worry-free operational experience.


Efficient Cut & Start Automation
Experience seamless operation with the Automatic Cut & Start feature. Upon bale ejection, the hydraulic Cut & Start engages automatically, securing and cutting the plastic without manual intervention. This automated process significantly enhances output times, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Versatile Maneuvering with Swivel Wheel
Enhance the operational flexibility of the E100 SA with the swivel wheel feature. The right-hand wheel can be effortlessly folded out during operation, providing stability and support. When it’s time for transport, simply fold the wheel in. This ingenious design enables the E100 SA to efficiently carry bales weighing up to 1,000kgs, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for your needs.

Precision Monitoring with RDS Controller
The inclusion of an RDS Controller in our system ensures meticulous tracking of bale revolutions and counts. This advanced technology not only monitors the number of rotations each bale undergoes but also accurately tallies the total number of bales wrapped within a specified timeframe. Benefit from precise control and comprehensive data insights with the RDS Controller, enhancing your overall operational efficiency.

Standard Features
– Tanco Dual Stretch Aluminium Dispenser with 55% & 70% stretch options built in
– RDS Counter for Semi- Automatic operation
– Hydraulic Cut & Start
– Off-Load Lock for consistent bale position

Optional Extras
– End-Tip Kit places bales on their end where plastic coverage is greatest and avoids bale movement
– Road Lights


Mobility and Versatility: Folding Right-Hand Wheel
Facilitating easy transport and operation, the E100 SA is equipped with a folding right-hand wheel. This innovative design allows the wheel to be seamlessly folded out during operation, providing stability for handling bales. When it comes to transport, the wheel can be effortlessly folded in. This adaptable feature empowers the E100 SA to efficiently carry bales weighing up to 1,000kgs, making it a versatile and convenient solution for various agricultural needs.

Streamlined Operation with ‘One-Touch’
Experience enhanced efficiency with the ‘One-Touch’ feature on the E100 SA. After bale ejection, the hydraulic Cut & Start is automatically engaged, seamlessly holding and cutting the plastic. This automation not only simplifies the process but also dramatically improves output times. The ‘One-Touch’ functionality on the E100 SA ensures a swift and efficient workflow, allowing operators to focus on other aspects of their tasks with confidence.

Tanco Round Bale Wrappers E Series Autowrap

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