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Tanco Round Bale Wrappers 1400 Series Autowrap

Condition: New

Tanco Round Bale Wrappers 1400 Series Autowrap

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Presenting the Tanco Round Bale Wrappers 1400 Series Autowrap – Exemplifying Superior Quality!

Precision meets innovation with the 1400 Series V, setting the benchmark for excellence in bale wrapping. Utilizing Tanco’s variable hydraulic speed control and featuring a distinctive split table, this model stands out as the epitome of stability and speed in trailed wrappers.

Experience unparalleled convenience with a simple button press that seamlessly transitions the wrapper. From its road position right behind the tractor to an off-set position for field operation, the 1400 V ensures swift adaptation. Following the baler’s line and skillfully avoiding swathes, this wrapper redefines efficiency in the field.

  • Unique Split Wrapping Table
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Auto-Load
  • Film Break Sensors
  • Telescopic Cut & Start
  • Push button Auto-Park and Unpark
  • RDS Expert Controller
  • Tanco Dual Stretch Aluminium Dispenser with 55% & 70% stretch options built in


Optional Extras

  • End-Tip Kit, places bales on their end where plastic coverage is greatest and avoids bales rolling
  • Load Sensing Kit
  • Radio Remote Control
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Telescopic Cut & Start – a one-of-a-kind innovation.
This unique telescopic system expands to three times its resting position, skillfully gathering the plastic film into a single strand. Once securely held, the film is precisely cut. The outcome? An ultra-reliable Cut & Start system, ensuring your peace of mind.

Achieving Equitable Weight Distribution!
Our bale wrapping system strategically positions the bale in front of the axle, ensuring an even distribution of weight. This thoughtful design spreads the load across low ground pressure wheels and the tractor, effectively minimizing ground compaction. The result? An exceptionally stable operation, all while maintaining a lightweight configuration. Your fields stay productive, and your equipment moves with precision.

Embrace the End-Tip Advantage!
Optimize your baling process with our optional End-Tip kit, allowing bales to be positioned on their flat end. This strategic placement focuses on the area of highest plastic concentration, minimizing the risk of damage to the bale. Additionally, it guarantees that once off-loaded, your bales stay securely in place without the risk of rolling. It’s a simple yet effective solution for preserving the integrity of your bales throughout handling and storage.

Seamless Initiations with Auto-Start!
Experience hassle-free operations with our Auto-Start feature. As soon as bales make contact with the Auto-Start paddle, the loading sequence kicks in automatically. It’s a streamlined process that ensures efficiency and eliminates the need for manual intervention, making your workflow smoother and more productive.

Revolutionise Your Wrapping with Telescopic Cut & Start!
Unveiling our patented Telescopic Cut & Start system, a true game-changer in bale wrapping technology. This innovative system extends to three times its resting state, gracefully gathering the film into a single, precisely controlled strand. The film is securely held before undergoing a meticulous cut. The outcome? An ultra-reliable system that instills confidence in every operation. Trust in technology that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring precision and reliability at every stage of the wrapping process.

Precision in Motion with Variable Speed Hydraulics!
Experience the next level of hydraulic control with our Variable Speed Hydraulics. Proportional hydraulics empower you to finely adjust functions like wrap arm speed, seamlessly ramping up and down. This not only guarantees a smoother and more consistent wrapping operation but also minimises vibration, contributing to a longer machine life. Embrace the power of precise hydraulic control for a wrapping experience that’s not only efficient but also extends the longevity of your machine.

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