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Tanco Mower Autocut Series

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Tanco Mower Autocut Series

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Cutting-Edge Efficiency with Tanco Mower Autocut Series

Drawing on years of technical expertise in forage equipment development, Tanco introduces the Mower Autocut Series—a revolutionary triple mower system with front and rear cutting and conditioning widths of 8.9m and 9.8m.

The Tanco AUTOCUT front and rear triple mowers are a product of meticulous engineering, designed from the ground up. The innovation lies in the reimagined input ratios, resulting in enhanced productivity. This is achieved through improved weight distribution, increased horsepower, and expanded cutting widths. The Autocut Series from Tanco represents a cutting-edge solution that combines advanced technology with a deep understanding of forage equipment dynamics to meet the demands of modern farming practices.



Innovative Precision with the AUTOCUT Pull-Type Front Mower

The AUTOCUT pull-type front mower stands out with its unique patented rail system, introducing a groundbreaking approach to precision cutting. The system incorporates an effective pivot point positioned just above the ground, enabling the mower to pivot 19° from front to back as it traverses the terrain. This dynamic movement ensures the closest cut possible, showcasing Tanco’s commitment to innovative solutions that optimise cutting efficiency and deliver superior results in forage management.

Dynamic Flexibility with AUTOCUT Chassis

The advanced AUTOCUT chassis offers simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement independent of the tractor’s front linkage. With 850mm of vertical travel, the front mower adeptly follows the contours of the terrain, including severe hollows and troughs, ensuring efficient cutting across diverse landscapes.

Exceptional Ground Adaptability

The front mower in the AUTOCUT series achieves an impressive 16° of transverse movement independently of the tractor linkage. This capability provides the M3 with exceptional adaptability to undulating ground, ensuring efficient and precise cutting across varied terrains.


Optimised Weight Distribution for Efficiency

The trailed chassis of AUTOCUT efficiently distributes weight between tractor and mower wheels, reducing stresses on both. This not only minimises rolling resistance, enhancing fuel efficiency but also lowers soil compaction, highlighting Tanco’s commitment to sustainable and efficient forage equipment design.

Efficient Performance with Reduced Power

The enhanced flotation of the mower beds in the AUTOCUT series leads to a reduced horsepower requirement and lower fuel consumption. This means that the M9, with its 8.9m cutting width, can achieve optimal performance with 180HP+ tractors, showcasing Tanco’s commitment to efficiency and resource conservation in modern agricultural practices.

Efficient On-Road Transport

The AUTOCUT’s mower beds fold onto the rear chassis, achieving a low transport height of just 2 meters. This is a significant reduction compared to butterfly units with similar cutting widths, which can have transport heights in the range of 3m to 4m. This not only provides increased rear visibility but also lowers the center of gravity, reducing sway and allowing for optimized transport speeds, showcasing Tanco’s focus on practicality and efficiency.

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Robust Cutting with 56 Series Heavy Duty COMER Cutter Bar

The 56 Series Heavy Duty COMER cutter bar, crafted from a single piece of stamped metal, ensures durability and reliability. Featuring a 25mm gear drive train and shear hub technology, it boasts oil capacities of 4.2 ltrs [M3], 4.8 ltrs [M9], and 5.5 ltrs [M10]. The inclusion of reversible Quick-Attach blades, with 360-degree rotation in their holders, adds to the robust design. In case of contact with an obstruction, the blades can rotate freely, allowing for use on the reverse side and minimizing downtime. This design emphasis on durability and flexibility reflects Tanco’s commitment to providing high-performance cutting solutions for agricultural needs.

Collision Protection with Shear Hub Technology

The AUTOCUT series incorporates Shear Hub Technology to safeguard each module. In the event of a collision, a predefined break-point within the hub shears, disengaging the damaged mower disc from the drive train. An axial bolt holds the disc in place, preventing the transfer of load spikes along the drive train to other modules. This innovative feature significantly reduces damage, showcasing Tanco’s commitment to minimizing downtime and ensuring the longevity of their equipment.

Efficient Power Transfer with 25mm Gears

The AUTOCUT series employs a drive train featuring 25mm gears arranged in a single line along the mower bed. This design minimizes friction and maximizes power transfer efficiency. Tanco’s focus on precision and efficiency in the drive train ensures optimal performance, contributing to the overall reliability and productivity of the equipment.

Efficient Crop Conditioning with AUTOCUT

The AUTOCUT series features a V-shaped steel tine conditioner that swings against a Hardox stop, creating a slight hook to efficiently throw the crop. Replacement is made simple with a single bolt connecting the tine to the hanger. AUTOCUT Conditioners offer speed settings of 850/1000 rpm, providing flexibility to cater to different conditioning requirements. Tanco’s attention to design simplicity and speed variability reflects their commitment to providing efficient and adaptable forage equipment.

Efficient Drivelines with COMER Gearboxes & PTOs

The AUTOCUT series incorporates COMER gearboxes and PTOs with a direct drive transmission system, ensuring straight drivelines and minimal power loss to the cutter bed. The COMER VP PTO drive shafts enhance movement during use and include an external grease point with seals, enabling lubrication without the need to separate the shafts. This design emphasis on efficiency and ease of maintenance reflects Tanco’s commitment to providing high-performance and user-friendly forage equipment.

Adaptive Maneuvering with Active Steering

The AUTOCUT series introduces the ‘Active Steering’ feature, offering both fast and slow steering responses based on specific needs. With a steering angle of up to 40°, the mower beds can swiftly move to the next row during field use. In road use, when the mower beds are folded, the slower response ensures the rear mowers follow the tractor’s line, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road ahead. This adaptive steering capability enhances overall maneuverability, underlining Tanco’s commitment to user-friendly and efficient forage equipment design.

Tanco Mower Autocut Series

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