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Tanco i73 Bale Shears

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The Tanco Bale Shears Autoset, specifically the i73 BaleShear, represents a significant advancement in the feeding of round bales, particularly during winter months. Prior to the introduction of the i73 BaleShear, feeding bales was a labor-intensive process, requiring operators to exit the cab, manually open bales with pocketknives, and then re-enter the cab. This method was time-consuming, posed safety risks, and made recycling plastic a more challenging task.

The i73 BaleShear from Tanco revolutionises this process by automating the bale-opening task. Operators no longer need to leave the cab, enhancing both efficiency and safety. This innovation not only saves time but also contributes to a more pleasant working experience. Additionally, by streamlining the process, it facilitates the recycling of plastic, addressing environmental concerns and making the overall task more environmentally friendly. The Tanco Bale Shears Autoset, with the i73 BaleShear, is a testament to improved efficiency, safety, and environmental consciousness in the handling of round bales.

The i73 BaleShear by Tanco not only saves time but also prioritizes operator comfort and safety. With this innovative tool, operators can now remain within the safety of the cab while efficiently handling bales. Bales with a diameter of up to 1.55m are effortlessly picked and split into passageways, diet feeders, and feeding rings.

One of the standout features is the patented gripping mechanism that securely holds the plastic without piercing it. This not only prevents the tearing of plastic but also ensures a clean and efficient bale splitting process. Once the bale is discharged, operators can easily drive the plastic to a designated drop-off point, streamlining the overall workflow.

The i73 BaleShear combines convenience, safety, and efficiency, making it a valuable asset for agricultural operations looking to enhance their bale handling processes while providing a more comfortable and secure working environment for operators.


Enhanced Safety and Convenience
The feeding-out process sees a significant boost in both safety and convenience with the elimination of the requirement for operators to leave the cab and manually split bales with a knife. This design improvement not only streamlines the task but also markedly enhances the safety and ease of handling bales during the feeding-out process.

Efficient Feeding with Time Savings
The Tanco I73 Bale Shear contributes to a substantial reduction in feeding times by eliminating the labor-intensive task of manually splitting bales. This innovative approach involves splitting the bales before placing them into a diet-feeder, leading to significant time savings. Farmers using the Tanco I73 Bale Shear report remarkable reductions in mixing times, with some experiencing up to a 60% decrease in the overall feeding process. This efficiency enhancement underscores the practical benefits of the I73 Bale Shear in optimising feeding operations on the farm.

Cost-Efficiency in Operation
The I73 Bale Shear not only streamlines feeding processes but also proves to be a cost-effective solution. The potential for substantial savings on labor hours, fuel, and diet-feeder maintenance is evident, primarily attributed to the reduced wear and tear on mixer-drive systems. By minimizing the strain on equipment, the I73 Bale Shear contributes to overall cost reduction, making it a financially prudent investment for farmers looking to optimize efficiency while keeping operational expenses in check.

Space-Efficient Design
The I73 Bale Shear stands out with its compact design and lightweight construction, weighing only 400kg. This characteristic makes it highly suitable for use in narrow feed passages, facilitated by its unique forward bale-splitting mechanism. The combination of a compact form and low weight not only enhances manoeuvrability but also ensures ease of operation in confined spaces, providing farmers with a versatile and efficient tool for managing bales in various agricultural settings.

Versatile Bale Handling
The Tanco I73 Bale Shear offers versatility in handling bales, accommodating sizes ranging from 3.2 inches (1,000mm) to 5.6 inches (1,700mm) in diameter. This adaptability is made possible by the adjustable position of the gripping mechanism, allowing farmers to efficiently handle a diverse range of bale sizes with ease. This feature underscores the I73 Bale Shear’s capability to meet the varying demands of different bale dimensions, enhancing its practicality and usefulness in agricultural operations.

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I73 BaleShear
  • Splits round bales up to 1.55m in diameter while retaining the plastic
  • Feed directly on feed passageways, diet feeders and feeding rings
  • Cuts silage, hay, maize and straw with ease
  • Single standard hydraulic coupling
Optional Extras
  • i74 Meal Bucket (I73 Only)
  • Bolt-on Brackets available for all modern tractors and loaders

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