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Tanco Bale Handlers Autoset

Condition: New

Tanco Bale Handlers Autoset

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Efficient Bale Handling with Tanco Bale Handlers Autoset

The D80 Bale Handler from Tanco is a reliable and versatile solution for the secure and consistent handling of large square and round bales of various sizes. Known for its robust and durable construction, the D80 ensures effective and damage-free handling of silage bales.

Equipped with two double-acting hydraulic rams, the D80 provides a full and consistent grip on bales, preventing any damage to the plastic wrap. The ability to lock each arm in place facilitates easy stacking of bales, adding to the handler’s operational convenience. The design of the stacker ensures excellent operator visibility of the bale, enhancing overall efficiency and safety during handling operations. The Tanco D80 Bale Handler is a complete and dependable solution for farmers seeking secure and damage-free bale handling.

Effortless Round Bale Handling with D85 Bale Handler

The D85 Round Bale Stacker from Tanco exemplifies ease and efficiency in handling round bales. This robust stacker is designed with stacking arms that conform perfectly around the bale, ensuring a full, secure, and consistent grip at all times. The thoughtful design of the D85 Bale Handler prioritizes both functionality and reliability, making it a valuable tool for farmers seeking an efficient solution for round bale management.


Secure Handling and Versatility with D85 Bale Handler

The D85 Bale Handler boasts a double-acting hydraulic ram that guarantees a secure hold, preventing any damage to the plastic during handling. The stacker arms can be hydraulically locked on one side, allowing easy navigation between two closely stacked bales. This feature adds a level of operational convenience for farmers.

Designed to facilitate stacking bales on their flat side, the D85 contributes to maintaining the shape of round silage bales. Additionally, in the event of a hydraulic failure, the D85 arms automatically lock in position using a hydraulic safety valve, ensuring operational safety and preventing unintended movements. The D85 Bale Handler stands as a reliable and versatile solution for efficient bale handling in diverse agricultural settings.


D80 Bale Handler

  • Stacks all sizes of large and round bales
  • Opening width of 2.1m and closing width of 0.6m
  • Two Double acting rams for tight grip
  • Arm locking for easy bale stacking
  • Max bale weight 1,500kg

D85 Bale Handler

  • Strong stacker arms shaped for close fit
  • Ideal for bale wrappers with End-Tips
  • Handles bales up to 1.55m wide

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