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Verti-Mix Tub Diet Feeders: Elevating Your Feeding Experience

Experience the pinnacle of feeding technology with Strautmann’s Verti-Mix tub diet feeders. Whether single, double, or triple auger models, each one now comes equipped with the Vario2 auger as a standard feature. The stepped design of this innovative auger ensures a perfect mix is achieved swiftly, effectively reducing mixing time and, consequently, minimizing both labor and fuel requirements.

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Why Opt for Verti-Mix Tub Diet Feeders?

  1. Excellent Mixing Quality: Guarantee that your cows receive a nutrient-balanced ration in every bite, promoting optimal consumption.
  2. Total Mixed Ration (TMR): Feed a correctly balanced and nutrient-specific TMR to enhance yields for your livestock.
  3. Low Power Requirement: Specially designed driveline, augers, and tub maximize mixing quality in the shortest time possible, minimizing power consumption.
  4. Flexibility: The Verti-Mix range adapts to your evolving farm requirements, offering the flexibility needed for growth.
  5. Reliability: Rely on proven German engineering and build quality, ensuring maximum uptime. Because cows need feeding 365 days a year!
  6. Vario2 Auger: This advanced auger not only speeds up the mixing process but also reduces labor and tractor time, making your feeding operation more efficient.

Vario2 Auger Features:

  • Unique Stepped Flight Design:
    • Improves feed quality by tumbling the mix.
    • Speeds up the mixing process for efficiency.
    • Provides a more homogeneous mix.

Benefits of the Vario2 Auger:

  • Reduces mixing time.
  • Lowers fuel usage.
  • Decreases labor requirements.
  • Enhances nutritional intake.

Advanced Components for Longevity:

  • INNODUR Stainless Steel Wear Strips: Opt for extended machinery lifespan by fitting these strips to the leading edge of the auger, reducing repair and replacement costs.
  • Efficient Mixing:
    • Perfectly matched mixing auger with the container ensures quick and homogeneous mixing.
    • Unique door positioning guarantees quick and consistent feed-out.
  • Additional Scraper for Even Emptying:
    • Secondary scraper arm ensures gentle and even material feed-out.
  • Robust Bearings and Gearbox:
    • Heavy-duty gearbox with large-sized tapered roller bearings, double sealing, and a spacious grease chamber for stability and extended maintenance intervals.
  • Patented Container Design for Maximum Stability:
    • Container embossing at the top edge provides additional rigidity to the Strautmann mixing tub.
    • Basis for two different container extensions, allowing adaptation to operational requirements.
  • Side Chutes:
    • Adjustable side chutes for fodder-protecting discharge.
    • Optional hydraulic actuating mechanism for added convenience.
  • Manual Counter Cutters:
    • Two manually adjustable counter-cutters for processing larger quantities of long-fiber fodder.
  • Ladder:
    • Vertical mixer with side discharge or rear cross conveyor.
  • Unrestricted Overflow Ring:
    • Tub overflow ring design prevents material from catching and rolling, ensuring an even and consistent mix.

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