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Redrock Slurry Pump Mega Flow

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The Redrock Slurry Pump Megaflow is a game-changer designed specifically for large farms and contractors. This high-performance pump brings significant advancements to the slurry mixing process, with trials demonstrating the potential to halve the time required to mix a tank. In an era of escalating labor and fuel costs, the Megaflow proves to be a valuable asset, delivering substantial time and cost savings.

Operating at a 1000 rpm PTO speed and requiring 150Hp, the Megaflow is a powerhouse capable of moving massive volumes of slurry swiftly. What sets it apart is its efficient jetting system and impressive 300-degree nozzle rotation, allowing for thorough tank mixing with little to no movement of the pump. A notable convenience is the pump’s capability to lower into the tank without requiring disconnection of the PTO, streamlining the overall operation. The Megaflow stands as a reliable and efficient solution for the demanding needs of modern agriculture.


The Redrock Slurry Pump’s Three-Point Linkage “Quick Attach” feature is a testament to convenience and efficiency. This design facilitates easy implement connection, streamlining the process for users. Notably, there’s no need for disconnection of the PTO shaft when lowering the slurry pump into the slurry tank, simplifying operations and saving valuable time. This user-friendly Three-Point Linkage system enhances the overall usability of the Redrock Slurry Pump, making it a practical choice for agricultural tasks where seamless implement attachment is crucial.

The inclusion of the Offset Nozzle in the Redrock Slurry Pump is a notable enhancement for mixing performance. This innovative feature enables the slurry to be mixed in almost all directions, providing a more comprehensive and effective mixing process. By allowing flexibility in the angle and direction of slurry dispersion, the Offset Nozzle ensures that the entire tank is thoroughly mixed, contributing to better overall performance and efficiency. This thoughtful design element showcases the commitment to improving functionality and versatility in addressing the diverse needs of agricultural tasks.

The Redrock Slurry Pump’s commitment to safety is evident in its design, ensuring a seamless fit through standard safety slat openings. This feature adds a practical dimension to the pump’s usability, providing ease of maneuverability and passage through common safety slat configurations. This attention to standard safety specifications not only promotes a smooth operational experience but also underscores Redrock’s dedication to ensuring compatibility and compliance with industry safety standards.

The Redrock Slurry Pump’s Top Fill Option introduces a practical and versatile feature to the mixing process. With this option, an incremental divider valve is employed, providing precise control over the slurry flow. This level of control allows users to agitate and top fill simultaneously if needed, offering flexibility in managing tasks based on specific requirements. The thoughtful design of the Top Fill Option enhances the efficiency and convenience of the Redrock Slurry Pump, catering to the diverse needs of users engaged in agricultural activities.

The Redrock Slurry Pump exhibits adaptability to varying tank depths with a significant adjustment capability of up to 230mm (9″). This feature allows users to tailor the pump’s positioning to different tank depths, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the specific configuration. The ability to make such adjustments highlights the pump’s versatility, offering practical solutions for agricultural operations where tank depths may vary. This design element contributes to the pump’s effectiveness in addressing the dynamic and variable nature of slurry management tasks.

Redrock Slurry Pump Mega Flow 6 1
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  1. 1. All models galvanised as standard
  2. 2. Streamline piping
  3. 3. Larger gearbox
  4. 4. Quick attach bar
  5. 5. Adjustable depth by 9”


DescriptionPower RequirementFlow Rate
Standard flow75 HP3000 G/Min (13,600 litres)
Super flow100 HP3600 G/Min (16,300 litres)
Mega flow150 HP4750 G/Min (21,500 litres)

durable 5mm pipingavailable in sizes 6’6” to 10’ 0”
quick release bar to ease implement attachmenttop fill or mix
safety grid with height adjustmentslat lifters
galvanised as standard90 degree bend c/w layflat hose
fits into standard safety man holes16’fill pipe
Redrock Slurry Pump Mega Flow

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