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KVERNELAND DOUBLE ROTOR RAKE 9464 C – 9472 C – 9472 C HYDRO – 9476 C

Condition: New

KVERNELAND DOUBLE ROTOR RAKE 9464 C – 9472 C – 9472 C HYDRO – 9476 C

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Kverneland presents a lineup of four budget-friendly two-rotor rakes, each featuring robust frames. These rakes excel in creating uniformly centered swaths with raking widths spanning from 6.2m to 7.8m. They are securely mounted on sturdy frames, ensuring a prolonged operational lifespan. Noteworthy features, such as actively steered wheels, the TerraLink Quattro system, and hydraulically raised rotors, come standard on all models, except for the entry-level 9464 C.

The 9472 C Hydro model goes a step further with the inclusion of hydraulically operated axles on the main frame. This hydraulic functionality allows for effortless lifting and lowering of the machine during both transport and operation. As a result, this feature significantly reduces the transport height by 40cm, enabling an impressively low transport height of just 3.45m.

  • CompactLine Gearbox
  • Manoeuvrability
  • TerraLink Quattro
  • Adjustable Working Width
KVERNELAND DOUBLE ROTOR RAKE 9464 C – 9472 C – 9472 C HYDRO – 9476 C

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