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KVERNELAND Conventional Plough AB and AD

Condition: New

KVERNELAND Conventional Plough AB and AD

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Models AB and AD feature seamless furrow width adjustments, available in both manual and hydraulic options. On the AD models, the initial furrow adjustment becomes automatic when you activate the Variomat® system. This operational convenience is coupled with the potential for increased profitability. Notably, fuel consumption doesn’t directly correlate with output: when you boost your ploughing capacity by 30%, fuel consumption only increases by 20%.

To accommodate different tractor wheel settings, mechanical front furrow width adjustment comes standard. However, for ploughing on hilly terrain and adjusting the front furrow width on-the-go, it’s recommended to opt for a hydraulic cylinder.

The plough’s versatility allows it to grow with the size of your tractor, with the option to add one additional furrow.

The AB model is also available as a 2-furrow competition plough, recognized as “The conventional plough of the winners at the National and World Ploughing Championships.” For more details, refer to the “Competition Ploughs” brochure.


Here are the key features of Kverneland AB and AD ploughs:

    1. Incorporates unique Kverneland steels and heat treatment technologies throughout the plough, extending its lifespan.

    1. Built robust and reliable to withstand various conditions.

    1. Features an Auto-reset system for uninterrupted ploughing in any scenario, with no maintenance required.

    1. Equipped with the Variomat/Vari-width® system for swift adjustments of the working width.

    1. Furrow width adjustment is mechanical for AB and hydraulic for AD, controllable from the tractor seat.

    1. Automatic pulling line adjustment simplifies operation.

    1. User-friendly design.

    1. Allows one or more bodies to be locked in a parked position.

    1. Expandable to a maximum of 6 furrows by adding one furrow.

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KVERNELAND Conventional Plough AB and AD

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