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Fiat New Holland Tractor 110-90

Condition: Used

Fiat New Holland Tractor 110-90



Introducing the meticulously reconditioned Fiat New Holland 110-90 tractor, a testament to quality and precision. This 2004 model is a diesel powerhouse, boasting a sturdy build and an impressive list of features, making it an excellent choice for your agricultural needs.

Immaculate Condition:

This Fiat New Holland 110-90 is not just any used tractor; it has undergone a thorough reconditioning process, both inside and out. Immaculate in appearance and performance, it stands as a testament to the meticulous care it has received.

The Fiat New Holland 110-90 is available at an attractive price of €45,000, offering great value for its performance and reliability. For pricing details, please get in touch for a personalised quote. CALL David: 087-6262727


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This tractor comes fully equipped to handle various tasks with ease. Its features include:

  • Dromone Pick Up Hitch: Facilitating efficient attachments, allowing you to adapt to different implements effortlessly.
  • 480/70 R38 Tyres: Providing excellent traction and stability, ensuring optimal performance on diverse terrains.
  • 3 Spool Valves: Offering versatility in hydraulic functions, enabling precise control during operation.
  • 4400 Hours: With a moderate 4400 hours of usage, this tractor has plenty of life left, promising reliability and durability.
  • Speed: Capable of reaching speeds of up to 30K, ensuring swift and efficient movement across your farm or fields.
Fiat New Holland Tractor 110-90

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