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Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Trailing Shoe – Dribble Bar

Condition: New

Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Trailing Shoe – Dribble Bar

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Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Trailing Shoe / Dribble Bar presents a compact yet robust design, strategically positioned close to the rear of the tank to ensure even weight distribution. Its simplicity and strength make it a versatile choice for various spreading applications. One notable feature is its adaptability, allowing users to seamlessly switch between splash plate spreading and trailing shoe spreading by adjusting the hydraulic hose connected to the tractor.

Designed with user convenience in mind, fill points can be positioned at the rear of the tank for easy access. Standard features include automatic reversing of the macerator and a pressure switch that changes the macerator’s direction in response to a sensed blockage.

The versatility of the Conor Trailing Shoe extends to its usage options. It can be configured for use on the back of a tank or directly on the back of a tractor, facilitating compatibility with an umbilical system. Additionally, for specific applications, it is available as a dribble bar, where the spring/rubber boot assembly is replaced with layflat hose, and the height adjustment rams are removed. This adaptability makes the Conor Trailing Shoe a flexible and efficient solution for a range of spreading needs.


Standard features:

  • Fully galvanized
  • Powerful Vogelsang Exacut Macerator
  • Electronic control box and diverter to control arms and macerator
  • Hydraulic height adjustment (not on dribble bar)
  • Available in 6.4 metre and 7 metre
Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Trailing Shoe – Dribble Bar

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