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Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Standard

Condition: New

Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Standard

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Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Standard Vacuum Tanks series offers a versatile range comprising 5 models, spanning from 1100 gallons (5000 litres) to 2100 gallons (9500 litres). These tanks are affixed to a sturdy rigid drawbar, embodying a straightforward yet robust design, and constructed using premium-grade components. Their standard finish includes a high-quality 2-pack Polyurethane paint, applied and oven-baked for durability. Alternatively, galvanization is also available as an option.


Standard features include:

  • 8000 litre Battioni pump
  • Secondary trap to protect the pump
  • Anti-enclosure rings internally for strength
  • LED lighting
  • Brakes
  • 4 filling points (1 complete with quick attach)
  • 4.6 metre suction hose
  • 51cm rear door
Capacity Gallons10981342160919112076
Capacity Litres49906103731686879437
Standard Wheel385/65 R22.5550/60 x22.5550/60 x22.5550/60 x22.5550/60 x22.5
Cylinder thickness5mm5mm6mm6mm6mm
Total Width ( A )2.13m2.45m2.45m2.5m2.5m
Cylinder Width ( B )1.382m1.535m1.535m1.685m1.685m
Total Length ( C )5.8m5.8m6.46m6.46m6.8m
Cylinder length ( D )3.5m3.55m4.2m4.3m4.63m
Total Height ( E )2.65m2.85m2.85m2.85m3.03m
Unladen weight1795kg1920kg2205kg2370kg2500kg
Laden weight (Approx.)6600kg8030kg9520kg10860kg12030kg
Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Standard

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