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Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Fully Recessed

Condition: New

Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Fully Recessed

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The Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Fully Recessed exemplify strength, robustness, and durability, ensuring longevity in agricultural operations. These tankers are equipped with a fully integrated chassis, a sprung drawbar, commercial axles, and high-load carrying capacity tires as standard features. Like all Conor tanks, the cylinder is internally reinforced with anti-implosion rings, ensuring structural integrity. The welding is meticulously done both internally and externally.

In terms of aesthetics and protection, these tankers are finished with a high-quality 2-pack polyurethane paint, which is oven-baked for durability. Additionally, galvanization is available as an option, providing an extra layer of protection against the elements. Conor’s commitment to quality and durability is evident in every aspect of the Fully Recessed Tankers, making them a reliable choice for agricultural applications.

Models Available
1600R 1800R 2000R 2250R 2500R 2750R 3000R


Standard features include:

  • 11000 litre Battioni pump on 2250R to 3000R
  • Sprung drawbar with swivel hitch
  • 150mm commercial axle with 420 x 180 brakes on 2000R to 2750R
  • Secondary trap to protect the pump
  • Internal baffle plates
  • Anti-enclosure rings internally for strength
  • Mudguards
  • LED lighting
  • 4 filling points (1 complete with quick attach)
  • 6.1 metre suction hose
  • 76cm rear door
Capacity Gallons1592179119562218241527102901
Capacity Litres72388143889310085109801232013189
Standard Wheel28.1 R2628.1 R2628.1 R26800/65 R32800/65 R32800/65 R32800/65 R32
Cylinder thickness6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm
Total Width ( A )2.55m2.55m2.6m2.65m2.65m2.65m2.65m
Cylinder Width ( B )1.685m1.685m1.685m1.835m1.835m1.835m1.835m
Total Length ( C )6.06m6.48m6.8m6.48m6.8m7.31m7.65m
Cylinder length ( D )3.9m4.3m4.63m4.36m4.7m5.2m5.53m
Total Height ( E )2.95m3.06m3.1m3.08m3.3m3.3m3.3m
Unladen weight3530kg3670kg3775kg3930kg4010kg4255kg4505kg
Laden weight (Approx.)11200kg12240kg12850kg14250kg15270kg15970kg16670kg
Conor Engineering Slurry Tanker Fully Recessed

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