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CLAAS VOLTO Tedders Compact Series 45 – 80

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CLAAS VOLTO Tedders Compact Series 45 – 80

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Achieve Faster Drying and Superior Forage Quality with CLAAS VOLTO Tedders Compact Series 45 – 80. The CLAAS VOLTO tedder series delivers cutting-edge trailed or three-point hitching technology, boasting broader working widths ranging from 4.5 to 7.7 m. This leads to unparalleled performance, top-notch work quality, and enhanced operating comfort, all geared towards minimising drying times and ensuring exceptional forage quality.

CLAAS VOLTO Tedders Compact Series

– MAX SPREAD Crop Flow Innovation.
– Smooth and Secure Ground Movement with CLAAS Power Flow Drawbar.
– Consistent Directional Control at All Speeds.
– Adaptation to Situational Needs through the Optional Guide Wheel.
– Exclusive Power Transmission with the Patented PERMALINK Finger Clutch.
– Simplified Tedding Operation Enhanced by Robust Spreader Arms.
– Reliable and Firmly Attached Tines for Long-lasting Performance.

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Wider crop uptake, thanks to a more efficient crop flow system.

Thanks to the trailed tine connection in the MAX SPREAD crop flow concept, the tines are always positioned in or crosswise to the direction of travel as the crop is taken up. In conventional designs, the tines operate opposed to the direction of travel after just half of the pick-up area, thus limiting the forward speed. In the MAX SPREAD crop flow system, the tines operate for 33 percent longer in or crosswise to the direction of travel. So MAX SPREAD enables you to work significantly faster, or with a lower engine speed.

Straight-line crop flow for gentler transfer.

Since the tines are always positioned at right angles to the crop during pick-up, they can deflect to the rear in the direction of the tine winding. This offers the advantage over conventional systems that the crop flow between the rotors is almost perfectly linear. This creates more space for the crop transfer, and ensures enhanced throughput and exceptionally gentle handling of the forage. The MAX SPREAD concept therefore also allows the tedding of leafy crop types such as alfalfa at reduced engine speeds.

More uniform distribution, thanks to the tine connection angled to the rear.

The 29.3° trailed connection also has a positive impact on crop delivery. In the same way as the trailed spreading blades of a fertilizer spreader, this configuration ensures a wider and more even distribution of the harvested crop, for an optimal spread pattern. This fertilizer spreader effect is further supported by tine tension release in the direction of the winding, to spread the crop over the entire width.

MAX SPREAD – experience in the field.

Multi-Agrar Claussnitz GmbH in Claussnitz in central Saxony manages a total of 3,100 hectares of grassland, and for 20 years has relied on CLAAS products when forage harvesting. Among other products, the company uses a VOLTO 1100 T, which is fitted with the MAX SPREAD crop flow concept.

Employee Michael Polster places particular emphasis on silage quality: “Dairy cattle are the biggest segment of our business. We have a total of 1,400 cows, with an average milk output per cow of 10,000 kilograms annually. That means the quality of our forage needs to be perfect.”

“The VOLTO 1100 is a highly successful machine in every respect. We have been particularly impressed with the spreading pattern, which remains tidy and consistent in tough agricultural grasses, and when processing large forage volumes. Even at higher working speeds, the material is spread across the full width of the machine. We are completely satisfied with the VOLTO 1100, as a machine that helps us achieve outstanding forage quality.”


CLAAS VOLTO Tedders Compact Series 45 – 80

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