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CLAAS Tractor Xerion 12 Series

Condition: New

CLAAS Tractor Xerion 12 Series

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The CLAAS Tractor XERION 12 Series revolutionises the high-end tractor category, spanning up to 650 hp. These fresh models stem from a quarter-century of expertise in the realm of large tractors. Showcasing significantly augmented tractive power, comfort, support services, and notably, cost-effectiveness, they mark the advent of a novel era. Because true strength encompasses more than mere power.

The latest additions, the 12.650 and 12.590 models within the XERION 12 Series, stand as the premier offerings in the subcategory extending up to 650 hp. Both variants can be equipped with either crawler tracks or dual tires. We possess unwavering confidence in the dependability of our tractors. The XERION demands an engine oil change only once every 1000 operational hours. This translates to reduced downtime, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks at the most opportune moments.

Yet, the assurance of a sound investment also hinges on steadfast technology. The 15.6-liter Mercedes-Benz engine, capable of producing up to 653 hp, is remarkably trustworthy. Complemented by an intelligent drivetrain and the low-speed concept, it ensures economical fuel consumption even when confronted with challenging conditions.


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CLAAS Tractor Xerion 12 Series

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