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CLAAS WHEEL LOADER Torion 956-537 Sinus

Condition: New

CLAAS WHEEL LOADER Torion 956-537 Sinus

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CLAAS WHEEL LOADER TORION 956-537 SINUS Enhanced Mobility, Superior Performance. Within the SINUS series, these models represent the pinnacle of wheel loaders in the 5-9-ton category. Opting for any of these machines means your business gains access to an agile, high-performance all-rounder.

  • Benefit from articulated steering and a steered rear axle: Operate safely with a highly stable machine that requires minimal turning space.
  • Experience the advantages of a high-lift mast: Elevate loads up to 4.8 tons to heights of up to 4.01 meters (TORION 956).
  • Harness the power of a high-flow hydraulic pump: Ensure your attachments perform at their peak capacity.
  • Streamline your loading operations with SMART LOADING: Featuring an automatic bucket return and height limiters for lifting and lowering.
  • Enjoy an economical engine: The 956 SINUS boasts a 4-cylinder DPS engine (76 kW / 103 hp), while the 644 / 537 SINUS is equipped with a 4-cylinder Yanmar engine (52 kW / 71 hp), both of which operate efficiently and comply with the Stage V emission standard.
  • Take advantage of the dynamic SMART SHIFTING ground drive: Accelerate continuously without compromising traction.
  • Achieve a maximum speed of 40 km/h: Save time and enhance productivity.
  • Work comfortably in the spacious cab: Maintain a relaxed working environment with excellent all-around visibility.

Steadfast Balance on a Compact Foundation.
The TORION SINUS doesn’t rely solely on the central articulated joint for steering but also engages the rear axle. Two steering rods link the front chassis to the rear stub axle. When the driver maneuvers the loader using the steering wheel, the rear axle synchronously responds and steers as well.

Ample Space for Enhanced Productivity.
The spacious driver’s cab, featuring a fresh ergonomic design, fosters a user-friendly environment that promotes daily high productivity. The advantages begin with cab access as the door opens wide at a 180-degree angle, offering abundant space for a comfortable start to the day.

Seamless and Precise Maneuvering.
The TORION SINUS is equipped with a hydrostatic drive system featuring two distinct driving ranges, allowing for optimal adaptation to your specific operational needs. By simply toggling a switch, you can choose the desired driving range and then achieve precise, infinitely variable speed control through the accelerator pedal.

Swift and User-Friendly.
The TORION SINUS models, designed for ease of use, expand the CLAAS product lineup to include one sizable wheel loader and two compact versions, all capable of reaching top speeds of 40 km/h. Consequently, these sought-after 40 km/h machines are now accessible in the 5-ton and 6-ton categories.

CLAAS WHEEL LOADER Torion 956-537 Sinus

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