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CLAAS WHEEL LOADER TORION 639-530 Enjoyable to Operate – Elevating Your Profitability to New Heights. When in need of a compact wheel loader for your business, the TORION from the small series stands as the ultimate choice. Its combination of agility and cost-effectiveness ensures that day after day, this machine delivers efficient and inspired loading performance, significantly boosting your bottom line.

The Compact Wheel Loader for Ambitious Visionaries. The TORION’s small series models effortlessly hoist 3.9 tons with full articulation, reaching an impressive height of 3.56 meters at the bucket pivot point. Their hydraulic system harnesses formidable power, while the Z-kinematics gently tilts the fork as it ascends, ensuring the secure lifting of pallets. The conical mast design guarantees an unobstructed view of the implement carrier from any angle.


– The Sturdy Implement Carrier Excels in Lifting and Breakaway Capacities.
– When equipped with an earthmoving bucket, the conical mast, along with optional high-lift kinematics, offers a remarkable maximum dump-over height of 3.18 meters.
– The Z-kinematics ensures precise and secure control of the pallet fork.
– Effortlessly manage both the lift mast and the implement using a single multifunction control lever or joystick.
– The rear-mounted engine serves as an effective counterbalance.

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CPS – CLAAS Power Systems.
Engine. Hydraulics. Drive.
Ground drive

The Small TORION Series boasts a smoothly adjustable hydrostatic ground drive that simplifies your tasks. Crafted from top-notch, long-lasting materials, this drive ensures a remarkably comfortable driving experience. Consequently, you can operate the TORION with precision across various speed ranges and finely tune its thrust. The driving performance remains consistent whether moving forward or in reverse.

Durable 4-Cylinder Powerplants.
The engines across all TORION models are built to be robust and require minimal maintenance. They effortlessly provide the necessary power for this versatile all-rounder to excel in the wide array of applications within your business.

Powerful Hydraulic System.
Whether it’s pushing, lifting hefty loads, or achieving swift and precise loading, the hydraulic system in the small TORION series offers all the necessary power for your equipment. Consequently, you can complete your tasks efficiently and stand prepared to tackle virtually any challenge your business encounters.


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