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CLAAS WHEEL LOADER Torion 2014-1913

Condition: New

CLAAS WHEEL LOADER Torion 2014-1913

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Achieve Greater Heights and Speed with the Big TORION.

This equipment provides you with the exact power and lifting capacity required to efficiently fill biogas plants, manage grains, or load loader wagons. The large series stands out with its top-notch features and is an excellent choice for efficiently handling substantial volumes in biogas plants or multi-company agricultural operations.


SMART LOADING streamlines loading operations, alleviating operators’ tasks around the clock.
SMART LOADING is an exceptional assistance system designed to proactively aid in the loading of heavy loads. It meticulously orchestrates the coordination of all essential functions required for optimising loading cycles. Once you configure the functions, they are executed automatically, sparing you the need to repeatedly set them.

Enhanced Hourly Load Handling Capability.
The intelligent powertrain and distinctive engine mounting placement yield advantages that are evident in every operation. The weight distribution is optimised, eliminating the need for additional ballasting of the machine. Despite its low operational weight, the tipping load remains significantly high. All of these factors collectively boost your efficiency, enabling you to manage larger material quantities while reducing costs associated with fuel, tires, and brakes.

DYNAMIC POWER provides significantly increased torque and thrust when handling silage in clamps.
DYNAMIC POWER’s intelligent drive management system fine-tunes the engine’s output according to your present power needs, delivering the requisite torque based on factors like gradient angle, mast load, and ground speed. This ensures you consistently operate within the optimal power curve, resulting in a potential increase of up to 20% in thrust.

CMATIC offers uninterrupted acceleration without compromising traction or requiring gear shifts.
The CMATIC transmission guarantees a comfortable and seamless operation. From potent acceleration to gentle deceleration, the CMATIC engine/transmission management system assists you in various conditions and across a range of applications. Maneuvering heavy loads on clamps or handling bulky materials, for instance, demands maximum engine power transmitted to the tires. In such scenarios, the predominantly mechanical power transmission achieves remarkable efficiency and minimal fuel consumption. For transportation tasks, the hydrostatic component ensures a supremely comfortable journey with smooth, continuous acceleration and self-locking braking mechanisms.

Comfort Equals Productivity.
The roomy cabin provides ample comfort during extended workdays. The expansive driver’s cab ensures a comfortable and stress-free environment for your daily tasks, ensuring safety and productivity. It offers a clear view of the implement carrier, and the well-organized display with touch functionality is easily accessible. Additionally, the integrated joystick in the armrest encourages intuitive operation.

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CLAAS WHEEL LOADER Torion 2014-1913

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