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CLAAS LINER SWATTER Single-rotor 500 PROFIL – 450 T

Condition: New

CLAAS LINER SWATTER Single-rotor 500 PROFIL – 450 T

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Introducing the CLAAS LINER 500 PROFIL – 370: Your Go-To Single-Rotor Swather Solution! Are you a farmer who loves to take charge of your forage harvesting? Do you find yourself tending to smaller fields? Look no further! Our LINER 500 PROFIL – 370 single-rotor swathers have been tailor-made just for you. Designed with your independence in mind, these swathers are the perfect fit for farmers who want to make the most of their forage harvest on a more manageable scale. With working widths ranging from 3.20 to 4.80 meters, we’ve hit the sweet spot for your needs. So, if you’re all about taking control of your harvesting process and working efficiently in those smaller fields, the LINER 500 PROFIL – 370 single-rotor swather is your ultimate companion. Say goodbye to the struggles of handling forage and hello to a solution that’s as customised as your farming style!



Effortless Attachment and Removal Made Simple.

When it comes to our single-rotor swathers, convenience reigns supreme. The process of hitching and detaching is a breeze. Equipped with a practical parking position for the drive shaft and a user-friendly parking stand, the task becomes as easy as pie. No more wrestling with complicated mechanisms – just straightforward and efficient operation.

Unwavering Stability on Slopes and Turns.

With the CLAAS power suspension system in play, you can bid farewell to any worries of your machine getting the best of you on slopes. Not only does it keep your machine from overrunning, but it also extends its support to the main frame, ensures a secure lock for the 3-point hitch during road travel, and works its magic in stabilising the entire setup. Say hello to stability, no matter the terrain or the twists and turns!

The Core Focus: Rotor Drive Assembly Takes Center Stage.

At the heart of the LINER lies the rotor drive assembly, the star of the show. This assembly operates within an oil bath, ensuring a seamless flow of lubrication for impeccable reliability. And that’s not all – the robust spheroidal graphite cast iron cam track is designed for longevity, so you can count on a long service life. Safety also takes the spotlight. In case of a collision, the tine arms come equipped with predetermined bending points that snap off outside the rotor housing. This intelligent design offers optimal protection for the core component, proving that safety and performance can indeed go hand in hand.

Efficient Tine Arm Replacement in a Flash.

With the PROFIX tine arm attachment system, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get your machine ready for transport or get back up and running if a tine arm takes a hit. This feature is available in the LINER 500-420 models, ensuring swift adjustments when needed. In the LINER 370, tine arms are secured using a linch pin for a reliable hold. So whether it’s speed or stability you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

Reaching New Heights.

Elevate your expectations with lift heights soaring up to 50 cm. This remarkable feat ensures the swath remains undisturbed at the headland, even when working with compact tractors.

Fine-Tuned Rake Height with Added Guide Wheel.

For select single-rotor swathers, an optional tool-free adjustable guide wheel is at your service. Especially useful in undulating landscapes, this guide wheel ensures precise height maintenance. It guarantees seamless and clean rotor movement across the terrain, contributing to an impeccable hay-making experience.

Added Possibilities for Enhanced Ease.

To take your experience up a notch, consider the additional offerings. The 500 – 420 single-rotor swathers offer the option of hydraulic rake height adjustment, providing unmatched convenience. On top of that, you can opt for safety frame and swath curtain folding, making your operation even smoother and safer. It’s all about having the tools to tailor your hay-making process just the way you want it.

T is for trailed.

In the world of hay-making, T stands for towed. Enter the LINER 450 T, CLAAS’s high-performance trailed alternative tailored for farms with compact tractors. No matter the landscape – hilly or otherwise – this model remains steadfastly behind the tractor, whether connected via a linkage drawbar or a swinging drawbar.

CLAAS LINER SWATTER Single-rotor 500 PROFIL – 450 T

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