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CLAAS LINER SWATTER Dual-rotor 3100 – 2600

Condition: New

CLAAS LINER SWATTER Dual-rotor 3100 – 2600

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CLAAS LINER Dual-rotor 3100 – 2600 Central Swathing Dual-Rotor Swathers. Count on two dependable rotors by your side. Their reliability shines whether you’re handling silage, hay, or straw, on flat terrain or inclines. When you seek unparalleled performance and adaptability, look no further than the LINER central swathers.


Farm Machinery by Ardagh Agri: CLAAS Dual rotor swather with central swathing LINER 3100 2600 16
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Attaching and Detaching.
The streamlined 2-point hitch ensures effortless attachment and removal, a feature further enhanced by the inclusion of KENNFIXX® hydraulic couplings, accessible for the LINER 2800 and higher models. Once the task is completed, both the drive shaft and hoses can be neatly stored in the convenient parking bracket.

On-Road Safety.
With enforced steering, the swather consistently tracks the tractor’s path, ensuring impeccable trailing. The steering angle display assists the operator in navigating through tight bends with confidence.

Established Swathing Innovation.
As a matter of course, LINER central swathers come equipped with a dependable, expertly designed rotor drive system that operates within an oil bath. Additionally, every model is outfitted with CLAAS silage tines, ensuring a gentle approach to forage handling.

Soil-Friendly Approach.
Our rotor chassis is meticulously crafted to provide optimal soil preservation. For select models, the availability of a six-wheel option enhances the GRASS CARE impact, taking it to the next level.

Drive and maintenance.
CLAAS opts for a mechanical drive to ensure utmost efficiency. The friction clutches we employ boast exceptional torque capabilities.

Ultra Sleek Design.
The LINER 2600, equipped with 260/75-15.3 tires, boasts exceptional road compactness. Its external width of a mere 2.55 m enables seamless navigation through narrow lanes.

Consistent Silage Tine Implementation.
For more than two decades, CLAAS has employed the dual-angled silage tine. Uniquely designed, these 9.50 mm thick tines have a 10° bend at the tip, ensuring an impeccable pickup process. They delicately gather forage without any compromise in cleanliness or contamination.

CLAAS LINER SWATTER Dual-rotor 3100 – 2600

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