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Ardagh Agri is offering a unique apprenticeship opportunity for aspiring Agricultural Technicians. As an apprentice at Ardagh Agri, you will gain hands-on experience in the field of agricultural machinery maintenance and repair. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about agriculture, eager to learn, and committed to building a successful career in the industry. If you have a strong work ethic and a desire to contribute to sustainable farming practices, this apprenticeship could be your gateway to a fulfilling career in agriculture.

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Embark on a rewarding journey with Ardagh Agri, a leading name in agricultural machinery and equipment. Our apprenticeship programme is designed to nurture talent, providing comprehensive training and mentorship in the field of agricultural technology. As an apprentice at Ardagh Agri, you will be part of a supportive team dedicated to shaping the future of farming. We believe in investing in the next generation of agricultural experts, and this apprenticeship offers a unique opportunity to gain practical skills, technical knowledge, and industry experience.

  • Enthusiasm for agriculture and a genuine interest in agricultural machinery.
  • Basic understanding of mechanical principles and a willingness to learn.
  • Strong work ethic, reliability, and attention to detail.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work well in a team.
  • Willingness to follow safety protocols and guidelines.
  • Minimum educational requirement: Leaving Certificate.
  • Work closely with experienced Agricultural Technicians to learn the ins and outs of machinery maintenance and repair.
  • Assist in diagnosing and troubleshooting issues with agricultural equipment under supervision.
  • Participate in routine maintenance tasks, including oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections.
  • Learn to read and interpret technical manuals and schematics.
  • Follow safety procedures and guidelines to maintain a secure working environment.
  • Attend training sessions and classes to enhance technical knowledge and skills.
  • Collaborate with team members and communicate effectively to ensure seamless workflow.
  • Paid apprenticeship with opportunities for career progression upon successful completion.
  • Hands-on training and mentorship from experienced Agricultural Technicians.
  • Exposure to a wide range of agricultural machinery and technology.
  • Supportive and inclusive work environment fostering personal and professional growth.
  • Access to industry-standard tools and equipment for learning and practical experience.
  • Valuable insights into sustainable farming practices and cutting-edge agricultural techniques.
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